PowerBox 2.56 kWh 24V Lithium-Ion Battery


SunSaviour X-Treme: Latest  LiFePO4 48V100Ah Battery for solar systems. 6000+ cycles, 90% DoD, 1C discharge. Unleash solar power with ultimate durability.


Introducing SunSaviour Power Box, the peak of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, crafted for solar systems. This advanced solution includes a built-in Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring unmatched efficiency and making it the ideal choice for solar setups.

Key Features:

Cutting-Edge LiFePO4 Cells: SunSaviour Power Box features advanced LiFePO4 cells, maximizing energy use in solar applications.

Extended Lifespan: Apart form having the latest cell technology, SunSaviour Power Box boasts a remarkable 6000+ cycles lifetime, ensuring long-lasting reliability for solar energy needs.

High Depth of Discharge (DoD): Extended life span coupled with a capability to withstand up to 90% Depth of Discharge, SunSaviour Power Box optimizes solar system efficiency.

Industry-Standard Discharge Rate: Despite the extreme Depth of Discharge, the battery maintains a 1C discharge rate, aligning with industry standards for flagship energy backup systems.

Tailored for Solar Energy Systems: With all these features to its credit, SunSaviour Power Box is designed specifically for solar systems, seamlessly integrating to enhance overall performance and reliability.

Elevate your solar experience with SunSaviour Power Box – the choice for reliability, efficiency, and longevity in energy storage.

Empower your solar journey with SunSaviour Power Box – Unleash the Power of the Sun.

Power Box
SunSaviour Power Box

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